Gifts and Inheritance from Abroad: How Do U.S Tax Rules Apply?

Inheritance Tax from Abroad
When it comes to receiving gifts and inheritances from individuals living abroad, there are specific rules in the tax code that apply. The rules depend on whether you receive the gifts from a U.S. citizen or resident alien or someone who is a citizen of another country. If you receive a gift or inheritance from another U.S. citizen or resident alien living in another country, then U.S. gift tax and inheritance tax laws will apply to your situation.

What Are the Reporting Requirements?


Be Cautious When Choosing A Tax Preparer: Two Maryland Tax Preparers Guilty of Filing False Returns

By Glen Frost, Managing Partner and Mary Lundstedt, Esq., Associate The Comptroller’s Field Enforcement Division and the Criminal Investigations Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, working in tandem, investigated and prosecuted two more Maryland tax preparers—resulting in guilty pleas. On July 24, 2018, Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh and Comptroller Peter Franchot announced that two tax preparers operating in the Baltimore area pleaded guilty to filing ...

What’s Your Alien Tax Status and How Does It Affect Investment Property?

Alien Tax Status
By: Eli S. Noff, Esq., CPA, Partner Mary Lundstedt, Esq., Associate Brent Conrad For tax purposes, a non-U.S. citizen is either a nonresident alien or a resident alien. All aliens are considered nonresident aliens, unless they pass the green card test or the substantial presence test. A person meeting either of these tests is considered a resident alien. Since aliens are taxed differently depending on their status, it is important to carefully consider what is involved. If you are a r...